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Hair Regrowth Program
$949 monthly

  • (1) scalp HydraFacial Keravive treatments
  • (1) microneedling treatments with ProCell
  • Up to 12 red light therapy treatments
  • Free 30 Day Hair Growth Spray
  • (1) Chakra Stone Therapy Session

Professional Acumat Infrared Chakra Stone Therapy | $49 per treatment (10-30 minutes)
Pack of 5: $199

Feel the difference as changes occur deep inside you. This 30-minute session helps with stress relief and rebalancing of your energies through each of the seven Chakras. You may combine mat therapy with our professional LED Light Therapy to enhance your results.

Red,Blue, and Yellow LED Light Membership $99/month, 6-month membership

  •  8 LED Light Therapy sessions per month for 15-30 minutes each
  •  Additional LED Light Therapy sessions are just $20 each
  •  Save up to 60% over non-member rates on LED Light Therapy sessions
  •  Personal protective eyewear provided
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