The Next Evolution
in Hair Loss Therapy

Halt hair miniaturization with our latest medical-grade Auxo A300 caps. Now FDA cleared for safe and effective treatment of hair loss. The Laser Caps work for men and women to stimulate hair growth resulting in hair growing fuller and healthier.

The Auxo A300 cap is the top of the line cap for maximum results. It enhances optimal scalp health using red light lasers to stimulate the scalp cells and blood vessels. It also has great features for daily wear because it looks like a cap when you’re using it. It is light, comfortable and auto-programmed to shut off at the end of your daily 10 minute treatment. It wears like a regular cap; you can even put it on to and from work - no big deal!

  • Auxo A300 – Hair Growth Laser Device

    Hair Growth Products $3,000.00

Why Auxo A300

Unlike over-the-counter red laser retail caps, Auxo A300 caps work as soon as you turn them on; they’re reliable and carry a 5-year warranty. The laser technology (300 diodes / 1500 MW) is uniquely mounted to the cap’s surface to provide better coverage than traditional laser diodes.

The auto-shut-off feature combines with the latest diode technology makes it our #1 choice.

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