LOCKrx Hair Support System

Stop hair loss. Regain lost hair.

LOCKrx Hair Products

Remedi Hair Solutions is proud to offer LOCKrx, a premium hair support system that heals and repairs hair follicles from the inside out. This amazing system treats hair that’s thinner, drier, brittle, breaks or sheds more than normal. 


What’s Causing My Thinning Hair?

Scalp stress causes the hair follicles to stay in their dormant resting phase longer and longer. Instead of just shedding and repeating their natural, healthy growth cycle, the growth phase may not be as strong or have as much color. The hair follicle may be thinner, finer and eventually it does not return to its growth phase. Once the follicle is lost, it is time to discover our state of the art SmartGraft® FUE hair restoration procedure.

Can I Reverse Thinning Hair?

It is possible to reverse hair loss and restore follicle health with LOCKrx and our other selection of hair care growth products. Because follicles are one of the most active cell sites in the body and causes of hair loss can be multifactorial, this Remedi Hair Solutions well-rounded hair support system works. Our products act on both the internal factors of follicular stress and the external factors of scalp health.

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