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Don’t let hair loss get in the way of your daily activities. You may need a hair system or wig to add length, density or cover baldness. When hair follicles are no longer viable and hair transplantation is not feasible, then a partial or full hair piece may be a perfect solution.

At Remedi Hair Solutions we carry a full array of cosmetic and medical wigs.

Medical Wigs

A range of medical issues such as cancer, kidney problems, alopecia, thyroid, dermatitis and scalp infections can cause the human scalp to lose its natural ability to grow and retain hair. .

Causes of hair loss include chemotherapy, radiation, hormone deficiencies, and others that negatively impact natural hair growth resulting in severe hair loss.

Radiation and chemotherapy are foremost contributory causes. Ultimately the hair strands fall off and do not grow back at the same speed, causing baldness as a physical sign with shame and low self-esteem as a possible emotional impact.

Remedi Hair Solutions caters to men and women who are looking for a stylish look. Our affiliated stylists are talented in styling and maintaining hair systems that include the selection and treatment of attachments. These are customized to your head and daily activities. We set you up with the most natural, undetectable and carefree look adapted to your taste and the latest hair fashion. Why not look younger and healthier?

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Cosmetic Wigs & Toppers

Today's hair systems are indistinguishable from your own hair. They help you look young and healthy and are comfortable. You will feel confident wearing our custom hair system every day. 

All partial and full hair systems are composed of the finest materials. We carry 100% natural hair, synthetic hair and a mixture of both. The systems are crafted to look and feel like natural hair. They’re so light and soft. Our hair selection includes ready-to-wear and customizable hair systems that can be removed, or worn continuously.  We help you select an attachment that fits your daily activities. We carry systems for use with clips, weaving, or a variety of adherents ensuring the most comfortable and natural, indiscernible fit. 

We offer a free initial consultation to learn about your lifestyle needs and address any questions. We understand that hair is an important step to improve how you look and feel and can improve how others perceive you. So, we will invest in you, discuss pros and cons of the different hairstyles and attachments as well as on-going maintenance and treatments. 

To learn more, schedule your $99 one-hour in-person or virtual consultation
with Remedi Hair Solutions today!  


It is a difficult situation to look in your mirror and acknowledge one is losing hair. Therefore, we selected the highest quality hair companies who deliver the best cap style and hair features that includes styling the hair for a variety of looks from the same system.

Our hair professionals are trained in both medical and cosmetic hairpieces and wigs. They’re passionate about helping clients with hair loss and understand that it’s an investment. They’re highly trained to shape, color, texture, and/or replace any style hairpiece and topper.

We fit the latest unique, state-of-the-art wig caps that are comfortable and dependable. Our selection includes materials that are ultra-thin, resilient and mold to the shape of your head for a secure fit. Cost varies by the type of material.

For men with hair loss, our hair replacement systems offer multiple styling options for a natural look. Each of our top-of-head systems are lightweight and comfortable. We offer you a wide selection of hairstyles that are then cut and styled to your desired front hairline.

Our wigs are lightweight and made from different materials to fit virtually any head circumference. Some systems are made of 100% polyester fiber that can be heat-styled just like real hair, others are made from 100% natural hair – all hair can be blended to match your natural color. 

When your dealing with a higher hairline, bald spots, hair thinning, partial or total hair loss and medical or natural treatments (PRP, Exosomes, LED Laser Light, other) are not working, then you can choose to enhance existing hair or replace hair with a hair system to retain your look.

Our hair systems look and feel like your real hair and you can style them the way you normally like to style your hair.

For cosmetic clients there is no reimbursement. Medical clients should call their insurance for prior approval. We will gladly provide you with the paperwork to submit to your insurance for reimbursement.

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Note: You should always seek medical advice. When applying products to your scalp’s skin and it gets irritated, stop immediately and seek professional medical attention if it persists. While we support medical wigs and services, the staff at Remedi Hair Solutions are not medical doctors.

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